lördag 29 augusti 2020

Summary 2020

Summary of  total 140 QSO:s and 32 DXCC, distributed according to band:

80m 2 st.​

40m 22 st.​

20m 19 st.​

73 de Crew

söndag 23 augusti 2020

lördag 22 augusti 2020


Two stations on the air, quite busy on the bands. For the moment 20m and 40m is activated.

More Antennas

We have just put up a half Rombic in the garden, Magnus and Jonatan in full action.

Saturday morning !

Good morning from Segerstad, no rain this morning, good weather for more antennas.

fredag 21 augusti 2020

Two stations on the air

We just finish dinner and now some radio qso;s on  20 and 40 meters. We are going to put up some more antennas tomorrow when the weather is better.

Up and running

Now we have arrived to Segerstad Lighthouse, some antennas are already up but it just started to rain.